Hello, today we will learn the basic on Template preparation using SkethcUp Layout. We will understand the usage of paper size and its settings.

To begin, will go to “File” menu, click on “New”, we will get a “getting started” window with “New & Recent” buttons. Recent files will be available once we start saving the Layout files. At this point, our interest is creating a new Layout, lets click on the “New” again. We should see several variant sizes available for us.

We shall choose “A3 Landscape”, since I have chosen the default with Grids we will have them on our Sheet. Contextual menu will give us access to Hide / Show the Grid. We can also configure the Grids and make more interesting settings, go to “File” select “Document Setup”

“Document Setup” as you may realised controls several parameters that can be configured according to our needs. Lets select to “Paper

– Sizes & Orientation can be modified,

– Margins can be set as per the need

We shall retain the 10mm margins.





To modify the Grid sizes, we will select the “Grid”. The Grid is useful for adding Template Geometry.












Using the Construction and Annotation Tools to prepare a Simple Template,  once the shape or text are created move tool is auto assigned by the tool. Use the rotation indicator to Rotate as below:


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